Every year, borrowers in the UK take out personal loans to the amount of around £37billions. People in the UK find it convenient to turn to lenders for their financial needs. Most people take out personal loans for varied reasons, be it to pay for old loans, car repair, medical bills, or other emergencies. Here are the most popular uses of personal loans in the UK.

To Consolidate Old Debts

One of the most popular uses f personal loans is the consolidation of old debts. Thinking about paying several debts each month can be stressful. Taking a single loan to repay all your debts can give you peace of mind and help you avoid paying high-interest rates. Nowadays, several lenders extend personal loans that borrowers can use to pay off their old loans.

To improve one’s Lifestyle

You could have been planning to make some improvements to your home. The paint on your wall is already flaking, or most of your tile flooring is cracking. Perhaps, you need cash to make a down payment for a new car, or you cannot postpone a trip that you planned several years ago. Lending companies discourage borrowers from going into debt to enjoy a lifestyle that they cannot afford. However, spending on these things has remained as one of the most popular reasons for taking a personal loan.

To Spend for Big Events in one’s Life

Several events in one’s life are too significant to take for granted. A grand wedding can be too expensive for someone with a modest income.  While some people save for this big happening, the savings might not be enough. To cover for all the costs, some resort to taking a personal loan. Other events that might require more expenses than one could afford are birthday parties, especially debuts and wedding anniversaries.

To Start a Business

Do you feel that your business plan would work and bring you life-changing profits? No matter how feasible your business plan is if you do not have capital, nothing will come out of it. Selling your idea to your friends and relatives might bring you some support, but you want to be the sole owner of your business. Why not take a personal loan and turn your dream business into reality? If finance companies find your business proposal feasible, you can easily apply for a personal loan to start your business.

To Buy Gifts

Taking a personal loan to buy a gift for a loved one might sound impractical. However, there are still people that would do everything to honour their promise, including taking a loan. A father who promised a new car as a graduation gift for his son would be willing to take a personal loan to fulfil that promise.  Or he might pledge his daughter a grand 18th birthday party to show his love. Or it could be a husband that promised his wife an expensive vacation. Giving jewellery as a gift can be costly and might put the giver into debt.

To Make Ends Meet

While some people take personal loans to enjoy a better lifestyle, others do so because they need money to pay for food, utility bills, and other necessities. Personal loans have a slightly lower interest rate compared to other short term loans, and this is why most people prefer to take it.

Taking personal loans could help in times of need and even in spending on expensive items that you cannot afford to pay in cash. As long as you use it wisely ad you could pay it back without delay, there could be nothing wrong about taking a personal loan.

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